The Seoul National University Journal of International Affairs (SNUJIA) is a blind peer-review, open-access, and graduate student-run academic journal based out of the SNU Graduate School of International Studies. The Journal publishes bi-annually at the beginning of the Fall and Spring academic semesters. 

SNUJIA aims to publish novel and stimulating essays, research papers, and reviews from students, scholars and other professionals around the world – covering a broad range of political, economic and social topics which fall under the international affairs and global politics umbrella. 

Our mission is to provide a forum for analytical discourse about contemporary global politics and international affairs as well as a platform to showcase aspiring and established scholars.

Vol. 3 Issue 1

Changing Dynamics in East Asia

This issue delves into topics ranging from trade wranglings over economics and globalization among ideologically opposing factions in the American context, to the strategies of local governance in the Chinese; from identity construction aided by the PyeongChang Olympics to constructed identities of Syngman Rhee aided by newsprint media; and from cultural diplomacy between China, Japan, and Korea to the impact of maritime militarization in the East China Sea.



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