Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics

Authorship and contributorship

SNUJIA follows COPE guidelines regarding definitions of authorship and contributorship. Potential concerns about COPE's definitions of these concepts should be raised with the Editorial staff before an author's submission is received. Any authorship disputes or allegations of stolen articles post-publication will end with the article's omission until resolved by the parties involved. You can download the COPE problem flowchart below.  

Complaints and Appeals

SNUJIA takes seriously allegations of misconduct, complaints against the journal, its staff, or its editorial board. Accordingly, SNUJIA adheres to COPE guidelines regarding these issues. For detailed information on how SNUJIA handles complaints and appeals, please download and refer to the COPE chart below.

Conflicts of Interest / Competing Interests

SNUJIA adheres to COPE guidelines regarding "conflicts of interest" and "competing interests" definitions as well as resolution protocol. In practice, all submissions should indicate clearly within the manuscript all potential conflicts of interest and declare competing interests. Editorial staff will adhere to this policy closely. Any undisclosed conflict of interests or competing interests found pre or post-publication will be scrutinized and either the article will be amended or, based on the seriousness of the situation, removed from publication entirely. Download the COPE problem flowchart here for reference. 

Data and Reproducibility

SNUJIA adheres to COPE guidelines regarding Data falsification and Reproducability. In practice, if a reviewer suspects data has been fabricated, the reviewer's concern will receive a second opinion before contacting the author. If the author's explanation is unsatisfactory, an investigation will seek to determine the data's validity and the editorial staff may contact the institution said author is affiliated to request a formal investigation. You can view the COPE problem flowchart on this subject below. 

Ethical Oversight

SNUJIA adheres to the ethical standards set out by COPE on issues from consent to publish to ethical conduct of research as well as the handling of confidential information and business/marketing practices. In practice, if a reviewer expresses ethical concerns regarding an author's work, an investigation will be launched depending on the explanation given by the author. The author's work will be suspended until the case is resolved. Download the problem flowchart here. 

Intellectual Property

SNUJIA adheres to the intellectual property, copyright and publishing licensing guidelines developed by COPE. To view SNUJIA's stance on plagiarism and redundant/overlapping publications, view the problem flowchart below. 

Post-publication Discussions & Corrections

SNUJIA adheres to COPE guidelines regarding post-publication discussions and corrections. In practice, readers and authors are encouraged to debate, comment, or critique through letters to the editor. Any corrections, revisions, or retracting of articles after publication can be made after internal debate and discussion among the editorial staff. Download the COPE problem flowchart regarding these issues and processes below.