Submissions Process

Submissions Process

Submissions Process

1. Collect and organize submissions accordingly:

  • Please attach the following three separate Microsoft .doc/.dox files in an email:

    • 1) Personal information (name, affiliation, contact information, and type of submission) + author’s biography;

      • Filename ex. “Spring 2019_Lee_Personal Info”

    • 2) A title page with submission type, a structured abstract, the complete manuscript with tables;

      • Filename ex. “Spring 2019_Lee_Manuscript”

    • 3) Auxiliary media as necessary.

      • Filename ex. “Spring 2019_Lee_Aux Media”

  • Email your submission to

    • Within the email subject line, please write: “SNUJIA Submission - [Author surname] - [Type of submission]”

2. Upon submission, an email confirming receipt will be sent from SNUJIA.

3. Submissions will be encrypted and issued to no less than two reviewing editors for blind peer review.

4. After the reviewing round has been completed, all submissions will be decrypted and authors contacted regarding the suitability of their work for the journal, complete with a collection of reviewer comments. 

5. Select author's papers will be ‘conditionally accepted’ upon satisfactory completion of the reviewer’s suggested revisions as well as the editorial board's final approval. 

6. Final manuscripts will be formatted according to SNUJIA publication style standards and published.

7. Published manuscripts will be featured in the SNUJIA print and online journal, as an individual downloadable .pdf file as well as other SNUJIA social media fora.

Submissions should adhere to SNUJIA Style Guide.